Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sick Of It!

The Hillary bashing continues...

Ms. Clinton has said she will suspend her campaign on Saturday, endorse Mr. Obama, and ask for party unity, but the television pundits are still kicking her. Today her camp issued this statement: 'Hillary is not seeking out the Vice President slot', but I have heard many TV pundits snarkily say, 'But she will take it if it's offered.'

DUH! And what the hell is wrong with that?!!

This goes back to when she ran for Senate here in New York State. All they could say was, 'She just wants to be President.' SO WHAT?

When Mr. Obama ran for Senate, did people whine about how he wanted to be President? When any number of of men have run for public office, did anyone ever say, 'He just wants to be President?' For the love of God people, what the hell is wrong with wanting to be President? It must be because she, as a woman, has the audacity to have some ambition. I say it again.... What The Hell Is Wrong With That?!!!!?????

This campaign has opened my eyes to a level of misogyny in this country that I had been blind to, and I am angry. Don't get me wrong, I will back Mr. Obama all the way. Anything is better than another four years of a Republican in the White House, as far as I'm concerned, but back the hell off Hillary. When you look at the numbers, she got just as many votes as Obama. She freakin' won one of the very last primaries. Just because people fell madly in love with Mr. Obama, that means that the woman should should just bow down and give up?

Can you tell I'm pissed? Because I am. It's like until Hillary lies down and shuts up, these people will not be happy. And that offends me to my core.

I am still hoping that somehow, Hillary can get the VP nod. I think she would be a great asset to an Obama White House. But we are several weeks away from any such decision, and ultimately I will back Mr. Obama on whomever he chooses. But for the love of God, back off my gal Hillary!!!

*Motivator courtesy of ZenLizzy from the TWoP boards


Anonymous said...

I love how you write when you are pissed. Good one.
Hey I LOVELOVE LOVE the new addition of the pic of the moment


Briarpatch said...

Ericka, you are so right! I am also SICK OF IT. Good grief, I know Hillary must feel like disappearing and leaving us all to muddle through the next 4 or 8 years without her, and I don't blame her. She has tried, she offers what we need, and all we want is some kind of messiah. You're right, any Democrat is better than more GOP, but this is going to be a very bad time coming folks, and we are going to wish we had some old style wisdom around. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about, Erika!! Let's get angry! We have a right to be angry. Pundits can suck it! Leave Hillary alone!