Thursday, April 29, 2010


You know how they say that womenfolk's cycles sync up when they live together? I am prone to believe that, having lived with various amounts of ladies over the years. Have you also heard about a woman's cycle syncing up with the phases of the moon? Because I think I am experiencing this phenomenon right now, and it's kinda cool. More fun than marking the first day of my period on a calendar with a red dot (someone I know used to do that), that's for sure.

Pros: I tend to gaze at the night time sky no matter what. It would be great to be looking skyward and be all, "Oh look. The moon is waxing past it's half moon phase, I shall be proving I am a woman within a week. Off to prepare!"

Cons: Ask anyone who works in an ER, the full moon is when all the crazies come out. Adding me and my PMS crazies to the mix may not be in the best interest to the general population. I mean, PMS brain and the cuckoo banana-ness of the Full Moon? A little scary.

Regardless, who am I to mess with Mother Nature? If I truly am cycling with the moon, then what a great way to stay grounded in this world and universe. Truly spiritual. 


Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me that you can make me laugh that much with such a short entry. Nice Job.

I don't know what is more funny to me. Is it the Pro list or the fact that you tagged this blog "crazy people"

:) F

Anonymous said...

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Julia Smith