Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I Miss...

I left my beloved Brooklyn a few months ago, and I wanted to make a list of the things I will miss about living there. More than anything, it is a celebration of the 12 years I have spent in Brooklyn in that little apartment on 17th st. That picture above is of a free beer I enjoyed at Steinhof during last years Sound of Music Sing-A-Long. One of the many things I will miss.

Here's my list, in no particular order:

Celebrity tag - Whenever one of us see a celebrity in their natural habitat, we text each other regarding the sighting. I think the most sited celebs would be Robert DeNiro, Bebe Neuwirth and Alec Baldwin. Fun for the whole family. Now that I am in a relatively celeb-free city, my participation will be limited.

Reading on the commute - A guaranteed hour or two a day of reading on the subway ride into the city. Also a great way to ignore the the crazy of public transportation.

The crazy - Whether on the subway or walking down the street, I have seen all kinds of crazy. Some very entertaining, some very scary, but all right in your face. A variety that always appealed to me.

Cute boys! - The city is crawling with cute boys. Unfortunately, many of the hottest are gay, but that didn't stop me from admiring the view. Honestly, you could find them everywhere.

The seasons - Spring and Fall are amazing in New York City. These are my favorite seasons in general, but the change is always welcome from the dirty dreariness of winter, or from the sweaty heat of the summer.

Impromptu drinks at Steinhof - Many a night I would get a call from one of my neighborhood friends to meet them at Steinhof for a drink. I love that place, christened by me and Fran after 9/11.

Delivery! - Basically every restaurant, cafe, deli, diner and market will deliver pretty much anything you want, including a cup of coffee or a cup of soup. An especially awesome thing when you are home alone and sick as a dog.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty every day - Something very comforting about seeing her out there. A good view from down the block, a even better view from the Smith & 9th elevated subway stop.

Being a New York City snob - I know everyone outside of the city hates it, but being a NYC snob is fun. Can't help it, I loved being one sometimes.

Pizza & bagels - An extension of the above. NYC has ruined me for pizza and bagels anywhere else. There are good bagels and pizza in other cities, but I honestly feel like there really isn't any comparison.

The neighborhood - From the deli guys to the crew at my favorite coffee shop, they all greet me with a smile and a quick conversation.

Hanging out with Joanne - The awesomest roommate ever! We bonded over our love of television and Yankees baseball, and spent many an evening drinking booze, watching TV and generally having a good time. I will especially miss watching baseball, Big Brother, Lost, BSG, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Buffy (over and over) and all those stupid but hilarious movies together.

Babysitting/walking Maggie - Rhonda and Paul put their trust in me to take care of their doggie more than once. The best doggie ever, and one of the only dogs I think I could ever actually live with.

I am fine with where I am living now. There are plenty of lovely things here, and a great group of friends too, but I still get a pang every time I see a movie or TV show that shoots in New York. It was a huge part of my growing into the woman I am right now, and I will always have a big ol' spot for it in my heart.


Marcella said...

Beautiful ode Erika! NY misses you, as does Maggie & friends!! xo Marcella

Margie and Edna said...

Gosh, that made me sad. I'd like to move now.

Bernice said...

Great list. I only spent a year and a half in NYC, but I miss a lot of the same things.

Anonymous said...

It's true. Just yesterday I was watching a movie that took place in NYC and I got all nostalgic and shit. I miss it sometimes too, but I know it would never be the same now.
Isn't it nice to know you did live there for so long? So many people miss out on it, and it truly is the best city in the world.

miss ya lady

Anonymous said...

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