Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jericho: Season Three!

OOOoooOOooOoOoooOOOooooooo, Jericho comic!

The news isn't that new, but the Jericho panel at last weeks Comic Con in San Diego got me all excited for the new Jericho comic. According to this article over on CBR, the Jericho comic will be a continuation of the story, and has been dubbed 'Season Three' by Devil's Due Publishing, the comapany publishing and distributing the comic. They will pick up the story from the season two finale, and is sheparded by many of the original writers of the TV show. The other cool news is that the number of issues have been increased from four to six issues, giving us two more books of Jake/Hawkins/Stanley/Mimi/Beck/Heather, etc. goodness!

I was a casual comic book reader when I was a kid, mainly reading friends comics, but never was really a big fan. I got back on the comic train when a friend handed me 'The Watchmen' in the summer of 1990 (thanks, Mark & Rob!), and I was blown away. Someone turned me on to the X-Files comics at one point. My latest comic fun has been the Buffy and Firefly comics, a natural (for me) extension of my Joss love. So I am familiar with the joy of comics, and I am really excited to have a reason to go into my local comic book store and ask for Jericho.

BTW, if you think there isn't a comic store near you, I bet there is, and you can find it using the ComicShopLocator.

Some awesome quotes from the Comic Con panel (via CBR):

Dan Shotz looked to the audience and impassionedly said “Thank you for this!” He later enthusiastically said of the "Jericho" fans “You guys are the greatest marketing team in the world…you brought a major corporation to its knees and
made them bring back the show…you guys are the reason there is a Season Two, you guys are the reason for a Season Three in the comic book, and we have a lot more
to come because of you.”

Regarding the plot of the new series, Steinberg said “I think the show has been leading to a civil war, and rather than avoid it we decided to do it. So it’s a great big, giant war”. {Oh YAY!! - me]

Asked if we will we see a return of the Ravenwood paramilitary organization, Steinberg answered “Nobody’s off the table; they were our favorite villains”. [YAY! again - me]

Regarding acquiring the rights to do the comics, Zreik said “We couldn’t do this comic without the cast being on board, because we are using their images, and they all signed off and are excited."

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