Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun in The Slope!

Last weekend we saw a couple of fun fun fun things going on here in Park Slope. The annual Seventh Heaven street fair happened, even though we were dodging raindrops (ok, downpours) for the bulk of the morning, lots of people showed up to join the festivities. There were artists and crafters, t-shirt and baubles sellers, lots of different food vendors and music. The fun of a good street fair here in New York City is the diversity of goods. From the schlockey tables of discount goods, to the cheezy t-shirts, to some really astounding jewelery and art. Everyone loves to walk 7th Avenue and hang out with their neighbors, buy some stuff and eat some good food. I am glad that the weather clamed down and let us enjoy the day.

Then, over on 5th Avenue, I stumbled across the latest public performances of the Artichoke Dance Company. They had four locations along the avenue that were marked by colorfully knit markers, like this one on the railings leading into Ozzie's coffee shop. Once I went inside (to get an iced coffee), I realized that there was a perrformance going on right then! Two women at one of the tables performing a piece silently. Seems that if i had known about this beforehand, I could have gone to their website and downloaded the music to my iPod, and listened along. It is a brilliant idea, giving everyone a peek into their dance project, but not bothering those who weren't interested by blasting music into their day.

Once I realized what was going on, I went back up the avenue to see the other spots where performances were going on. One was in the display window of a clothing boutique, and the other was inside The Gate, a local watering hole that I used to frequent in my younger days (it is a bit of a haul from my apartment).

After checking out their website, I see they are gonna be out this Sunday once again. I may just have to check them out!
One of my favorite things about living here is stumbling upon random stuff like this. And this weekend is the Gay Pride parade here in Brooklyn. Now that is always a kicker!

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mommiesboys said... do I miss Park Slope let me count the ways.
Looks like a BLAST wish I was exploring with you my chip eatin french onion dippin baseball watchin roomie.