Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black Jack Fairgrounds Blog Carnival

Far be it from me to turn down a reason to post a picture of Skeet (aka Jake Green in Jericho). Welcome to this week's Black Jack Fairgrounds. I am Erika, and I will be your host.

Those old crones Margie & Edna have posted a little something about where to watch Jericho, on a typically circuitous route, through the strawberry patch. Thanks ladies for pitching in!

Jane has renamed the Famous JerichoMonster blog to simply The Monster, commenting on all television, and the frustrating practices the networks employ to decide on our favorite shows fates. Here she comments on the latest Jericho fan nutty protest, shelling Nielsen with two palettes of nuts, protesting their antiquated ratings system. This latest protest was orchestrated by Jericho message board regular NorsU, and the effort has gotten some media attention as seen here and here. Jon over at El Noticiero de Alvarez Galloso has given his take on the annoying Nielsen system: Jericho’s Nutty Fans Protest Nielsen’s Ratings System. When will they learn, we will not go down quietly?

Also, the letter writing campaign to CBS Paramount continues. Info here and here for the two of you who may not have the addresses memorized by now (hee!).

Radio Free Jericho has got all kinds of fun stuff going on to keep the fans happy and motivated. Check out the silly Emily Bakes saga in the Nut House or hone your survival skills at the recently revamped Survival of the Fittest section to prepare for the next who-knows-what. Schumi's Useless Fact of the Day culls fascinating and funny tidbits from her very large brain, and Clare Carey, aka Mary Bailey, owner of Jericho's favorite watering hole, Bailey's, answers
fan questions here. Thanks, maybei, for helpfully pointing out the going's on over there.

Outlaw, one of our more creative Rangers, has started up his own online series that is a companion to the goings on in Jericho, called Grapevine, TX. He has posted his awesome trailer, along with another great promo by the equally creative Darthleland over on YouTube. Looking forward to seeing the show guys.

Jeritopia, chat room extraordinaire, is still hosting several weekly chats, including the Great Jericho ReWatch chat on Tuesdays, and the Monthly Birthday Bash, this month celebrating May birthdays on Sunday, May 18th at 9pm ET. Come on over and join the fun! No really! I was never a chat room type, but this place is loads of fun.

RubberPoultry has been keeping every one's spirits up with his graphic skillz, most recently with his Jericho Linen collection. He also just posted a quick note from Karim Zreik, giving us all hope that there is still some kind of life yet for Jericho.

Whew! Hows about that folks? The Jericho Rangers are a busy bunch. Thanks to all for submitting your stuff. Extra special thanks to Amy Vernon over at Remote Access for being such a great Jericho fan and for asking me to host this week. It was fun. And don't forget to keep your eye out for more Jericho goodness in the next few weeks, and here is where you can submit your posts!. Gwen over at is our next host on May 29th. C'mon guys, give her some love!


Kmac said...

Great job, Erika!
How did I miss the post by RP from Karim???? See? ood thing the Carnival keeps us so well informed!

LisiBee said...

Great job kricka! Thanks for hosting the Blog Carnival this time around, I love how you presented all the latest Jericho news. :)

maybei said...

Great job! Lots of fun stuff going on with Jericho :)

terocious said...

Thank You Kricka! Great edition!

Anonymous said...

now I stay in touch..

Anonymous said...

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