Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LazyBones (and other things)

Lazy. Bored. Uninspired. Coasting. Extreme procrastination... all those words apply here. I came over here to see what was in my Drafts, and was shocked! to see that I hadn't posted anything here since the beginning of the year!! Those of you who know me, know that I have had plenty of free time lately, so I will not bore you with my excuses (even though I got plenty of 'em!!). I am not a proficient blogger at.all., but over four months??! Really, that's lazy, yo.

Not that I haven't had stuff running through my brain. There are a few drafts here with potential, just seems that follow through has vanished the last few months. So, to my faithful readers (all three of you!), I am, once again gonna try and get it going. No, really.


First of all, I would like to mention that NBC made my shit list this year by cancelling Life. I know, I know, NBC gave it a second season, even after it's so-so first season ratings, a season that was cut short after the writer's strike. It just seems that NBC gave up on it, constantly switching up time slots and giving it very little promotion. Smart, fun and sexy, with a great streak of revenge and redemption running through the sunny streets of LA, it was what all other cop/procedural shows aren't, and that was why I loved it so much. So, we lose a great show like Life, and get bombarded, once again, by more cop/medical/procedural shows that bore me to tears... *sigh* I want to love my television shows. Unfortunately, the ones I love seem to get the ax over and over. Maybe it's me? NBC also unceremoniously axed My Name Is Earl (on a cliffhanger no less!). Oh the pain. They did let Chuck squeak by, and I am glad, but dammit! bore-fests like Law & Order drone on for yet another season.

Fox cancelled Terminator (boo!!), but renewed Fringe and Dollhouse (YAY!); NBC cancelled Medium (boo!!) but CBS snatched it from the jaws of death (YAY!); ABC killed Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money months ago (boo!!), but are at least showing the unaired episodes on Saturdays this summer (YAY!); The CW cancelled Reaper (boo!!) and picked up the Melrose Place reboot (double boo!!); ABC is renewing Scrubs (ugh, so over that show). There are plenty of new shows to talk about, but I am all tuckered out with the end of the TV season, and much too invested with baseball to think about those right now. There will be another time for that.


TeeHeeHee! This kinda stuff makes me so happy. Something about loving a team so many people despise is very appealing to me for some reason...

Anyhoo, baseball has started, and so far so good. The Yankees had a shaky April, but they seem to have gelled as a team, and May has been lots of fun. Mark Teixeira has become a rock star on the field, and now that A-Rod is back, a hitting machine as well. CC Sabathia has gotten his pitching groove back, and Nick Swisher, while slumping at the moment, is a delight to watch. I haven't been to the new stadium yet, but from what I hear it is awesome. Can't wait to go (even though I will miss the old place - lots of memories there). So, once we get Jorge off the DL, and the bullpen really settles (although the bull pen rarely ever really settles, IMO), we should have a fun season watching those boys run around in their tight pants. Now, if we can just beat those darn Red Sox!

That's all at the moment. There are more things rattling around in my head, and I will do my best to get them out here, hopefully in an entertaining way. :D

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nice to have you back!

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