Monday, January 11, 2016


I woke up this morning to the news that David Bowie had died.
IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.
How is that possible?
Was he even human?
He's been around forever and made an insane mark on humanity and art and everything and now he is dead?

Unfathomable, really.

I have spent all day trying to wrap my head around this news, and it hasn't gotten any easier as the day has worn on.

I was just reading an article about his new album.

I was just reading and article about him and Elizabeth Taylor. For realz.

Every time I see his picture in my newsfeed, or one of his songs pops up on the radio, my brain tries to comprehend the world where he is no longer, and fails spectacularly.

Remember when Michael Jackson died? Like, that was awful too, and I woke up with MJs songs running through my head for weeks afterward. Every god damned morning. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I had suspected for some time that MJ would check out much earlier that we would hope. So when it actually happened, it was remarkably sad and tragic, but it was somehow... as we expected, I suppose.

But Bowie? IMPOSSIBLE. He just made a new album for fuck's sake. How could he just go an die like that?

I've never owned a Bowie album. I never saw him in concert. But somehow, he became such a regular part of my life that his loss is as surprizing and unbelievable as if my eyebrows suddenly disappeared off my face.

I am as surprized by this reaction as I am by his death.
I am still not able to process it fully.
I thought maybe writing something for my long dormant blog would shake something loose, but it seems to have not done the trick.
I suppose I will drive home tonight, hopefully singing along to a Bowie song that arrives on the radio, and maybe I will go and buy my first Bowie album, like a good GenXer should have done, ages ago.

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