Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rochester: A Year Later

It has been a whole freakin' year! since I was unceremoniously booted out of Brooklyn by the crappy economy and moved back to what I consider my hometown, Rochester, NY. Rarely do I say this, but time surely does fly.

A recent visit by my friend Fran opened my eyes to what was around me, and gave me that little burst of appreciation of the city that I needed. This really is a lovely place to have been booted to. And not for nothin', but the neighborhood I ended up in isn't too shabby. Plus, after YEARS of living with someone, I finally can afford my own place. Heading home to a quiet little apartment all my own is super nice.

Yes, Rochester isn't as cosmopolitan as other, bigger cities, but I am close enough to many bars and restaurants that I can get my drink on like a New Yorker, and walk my drunken ass home, while enjoying bunnies, deer and wild turkeys wandering around in my backyard. Best of both worlds!

Having a car for the first time in 12 years has been an adjustment. I have to remind myself about things like gas, oil changes and I seem to have acquired a lead foot in all those car-less years. Not to mention I have had to carve out time for reading, something that consumed much of my commute time back in Brooklyn. It was quite the shock to realize how much reading I was doing on the subways, and how little I have been doing since I've moved here. I have a huge stack of books to be read mocking me from the corner of my bedroom. In New York, it seemed like there was never enough to read.

Another benefit of having a car and being so close to the country is roadside stands. Oh my, nothing like stopping on the way home for some freshly picked blackberries, eggs freshly laid that day, or spry and crunchy lettuce cut an hour earlier. Plus, Mom had some fantastic tomatoes and gigantic garlic that busted out of her garden this year, and I got to enjoy some. Along with lush bunches of basil and mint! Next on the list is to find a good dairy that isn't afraid of raw milk and cheese. Mmmmm...

So, yeah, there certainly isn't the same immediacy here, and there are days where I miss NYC terribly, but Rochester has a lot going for it, and I am getting used to the vibe once again.

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Anonymous said...

YAYAYAY! You're back! My socks were blown off by how nice Rochester is! Good choices abound lady.

I will admit that I am super bummed your NASA image of the day is not working. meh.

:) see you in a few days!