Monday, September 01, 2008

BlackJack Fairgrounds - Jericho Roadshow

Welcome to the September Blog Carnival, Jericho Roadshow Edition! This months theme is 'Jericho Minstrels: Fan Fiction, Videos, Poems and Songs'. And we have a lot of fun stuff to get to, all thanks to the passion of the fans who love their show, Jericho. Many thanks to all the creative Rangers out there who help keep the spirit of Jericho alive!

First off, Fan Fiction! Those of us familiar with fandoms in general know all about fan fiction. We have several Rangers who have put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and taken us on some fun journeys through their stories. KrzyKat has given us the adventures of The JLA Squad (Jericho Liberation Alliance), out saving Jake, and helping keep Jericho safe from mysterious strangers. Xtemeroswellia over on LiveJournal has a nice little Jake/Heather story called "Worth The Wait" for all those Jeather fans out there (very satisfying!), and another LJ fan, Revelininsanity, has written a story about Gail Green finding out about Jake being held captive and a peek into her life away from Jericho called "The Sun Moving". Fascinating. Jericho Fan Fiction, a site I must admit I didn't even know existed (much to my dismay... what kind of Ranger am I?), is chock full of stories for all you fan fiction junkies. Fantasy_cat has written a post-Bonnie-death piece with Stanley and Mimi called "Surprise You". Also, there is Stephensmat's response to the Songfic challenge over on Jericho Fan Fiction, a story about Eric and Mary's beginnings called "Eyes On Me". Stephensmat also has some Dale/Skylar fic to check out. Heck, there is plenty over there to keep you busy. Check it all out, you will be pleased, I'm sure.

A poem! Raycheetah has channelled his inner Shakespeare and regaled us with a sonnet to accompany flowers to Nina Tassler called "Transmission From Jericho", reminding her that we are still here, and still thinking of her. Lovely!

Video? Have we got videos for you! As most of you know, our Rangers are prolific video makers (just type 'Jericho' into the YouTube search and you'll see what I mean), and we have some great submissions this month.

Bombwatcher, maker of all those awesome siggies over on the CBS boards, has given us a video in tribute to all the great actors on Jericho called Some Gave All. Stanley and Mimi are the sweet subjects of Ldyoutlw's Between Your Heart and Mine. Xwarp has taken a silly look at our favorite deputies Jimmy and Bill with Cops In Jericho, and Ka4ist gives us Robert Hawkins: CBA(Certified Bad Ass), which is a hoot! And finally, Gwen has found these sweet vids of Pamela Reed (Mamma Green) reading the children's story "Stellaluna", Part One and Part Two. Very cute.

Larissa has started up a Jericho podcast! It's called Future Traditions, and she has various other Jericho related tidbits for you to chew on.

Maybei has pointed to the The Nut House over at Radio Free Jericho with some fun stuff going on, including a screencap story called Emily Bakes A Cake. A little gentle ribbing of our favorite blonde bombshell of Jericho. Also over at RFJ is a spiffy stationary design by Jojocat1 to use for sending your letters to CBS/Paramount, and they also have some fun Jericho e-cards to send to your friends for Halloween, or just because (including some of the motivators made by me!).

As you can see, we have a great depth of creative Rangers out there on the Internet, entertaining us with their stories and songs and pictures. I hope that this sample has inspired you to sit down at your own computer and share your love for Jericho with everyone!

Honestly people, if this face doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will!

Special thanks to Gwen over at Jericho-Kansas, Inc. for all her hard work and keeping the Blog Carnival going. Thank you so much for letting me host this month. It was my pleasure. October's edition of BlackJack Fairgrounds will be Cast and Crew interviews, and I know there is a great treasure chest full of them across the Internet. For info on past and future hosts, you can go here.


alpha99wolf said...

Wow! Kricka, I never knew this existed, and I am impressed by all the wonderful things people are doing for Jericho. What talent! You really did your homework and listed all the great things done by Jericho Rangers. Thank you. P.S. I didn't know you had a blog. Gee whiz...what I have been missing! Great job!

Balceroregontr said...

One thing that inspired me when I first joined the fight when Jericho was first canceled was all of the creative Rangers. This fairgrounds provided a great picture of all the creativity out there. I look forward to next month.

maybei said...

There is just so much awesomeness in the Jericho fandom!!! Thanks Kricka!!

terocious said...

Hi Kricka,
I know that Blog Carnivals are all about the links but before I begin down the roads you have laid out for us please let me stop for a moment and commend you on your presentation. This edition is stunnigly great to look at. the pictures you chose are just terrific. Thanks for hosting.