Friday, May 02, 2008

So Far, So OK

I am writing this on my Dad's birthday, which is fitting, since he is one of the reasons I love baseball. Happy Birthday Dad!

The first month of baseball is over, and the Yankees are hovering right around the .500 mark. Considering everything, not too shabby. We have a new Manager in Joe Girardi, whom I love. He was the regular catcher back in the 90s when Jorge Posada was first coming up, and Joe taught him and helped make him into the great player he is today. It is also nice to have someone in the dugout who not only used to play with some of these guys, but who shows some emotion. As much as I loved Torre, he always had that dead-eyed look, no matter what the team was doing. Girardi has how he's feeling written all over his face. I like it.

Much like last year, we have a plethora of injuries to contend with. Jorge with his tendinitis, A-Rod with his strained quad, Brian Bruney with his busted ankle, and add in the less than stellar outings from the newbie pitchers Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes (who is now on the DL with a cracked rib!). There is also the major slumps of Giambi and Robinson Cano, two players who can't seem to get their batting averages off the Interstate. With all of that, I will take .500.

The good news for the Yankees? Johnny Damon is healthy as a horse. I forgot how that man can run! Oh, can he run.... Add in the ever reliable Hideki Matsui, Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreau, and the team is doing just fine. I am already sick of the NY press writing the team off. It's been one month people! Take a freakin' chill pill.

As for other baseball stuff? Eh, it's early, so I haven't gotten into all the standings much. It is shocking to have The Tampa Bay Rays doing so well (did the name change really fix what was wrong with the team?). Peeking over at Joe Torre's new team, I see that the Dodgers are holding their own against the dreaded Diamondbacks. I am definitely rooting for someone to take them down, it might as well be the Dodgers.

Holy smokes, can you believe I got through a whole baseball post without putting up a picture of Jeter? Sometimes I amaze even myself.

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Anonymous said...

What up with the new comment form. God I hate Blogger. Hey Good stuff here! And don't forget about seeing the Toronto Blue Jays!!!! Summer Baseball ROCKS! Happy Birthday Barry! :)Fran