Tuesday, May 06, 2008

See The Sites!

I need to practice my linking skillz, so here are some of my favorite sites, and some silly ones I have just discovered.

Thanks to a shout out on Digg, I found this place: Bad Spock Drawings is just a bunch of... bad drawings of Mr. Spock. Hilarious. May the owner of this place Live Long and Prosper.

Anyone who has lived with a kitty knows they can be pretty funny. LOL Cats has funny pics of cats and a lot of them are subtitled with silly little things. I like to go there and just hit Random over and over. Excellent time killer.

Overheard in New York is popular with my New York pals, but they have stuff overheard from all over the country. Beware: This site is very much full of dirty words and racy comments. Not for the squeamish or easily offended! Here's the link to the Current Favorites, voted by the readers of the site.

I am a big ol' fan of Three Thieves wine. My favorite is the Pinot Grigio that comes in a one liter box. The stuff flies out of the two wine stores in my neighborhood that carry it, and the site has some funny videos about the winery and their wine. I'm pretty sure you can buy the stuff from their site, so give it a try!

Lastly, here is a silly video I found on YouTube, Guys Jumping Into Jeans. YouTube is fun, isn't it?

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