Friday, April 06, 2007

Who's This Guy?

Do you recognize this baseball superstar? Oh my God! It's A-Rod, aka Alex Rodriguez, aka The Bane of Yankees Fans Existence. Unbelievable. My new nickname for him is Smiley.

I have caught bits and pieces of the first three Yankee games, and I have seen Alex smile more in those three games than all last season. Maybe all that so-called controversy about his and Jeter's feud really did loosen him up.
By the end of last season my roommate called him Surly. He never looked happy. And the Yankee fans were merciless. This year? He looks lean and happy, and the fans have actually been cheering him (for the most part). No, he hasn't been perfect, but he's been getting hits and RBI's and he looks like he is actually having fun. It's a miracle.

And I just have to add, this picture certainly doesn't look like there is any grief between him and Jeter. Don't ever tell me that they can't get along.

Isn't that sweet?

In other Yankees stuff:
I knew I had missed Andy Pettitte. But I didn't realize how much until I saw him on the mound Wednesday night.

Andy and Jorge love each other..

Randy who?


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