Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time Warner Sucks!!!!

God damn you Time Warner!!!!

We are in the second week of our Time Warner nightmare. The first week they told us it was an area issue, but now that we've entered the second week, it's suddenly just us. So of course we have to wait a week for anyone to come and tell us it's not working properly. And the chances of them fixing it on the first visit? Almost zero.

How do I know that? Because four months ago we spent two months trying to get the same issue fixed. After changing our DVR three times, we finally got someone who had a clue to what was really going on. Then we had to make sure someone was home downstairs to let the technician into the backyard. Even after all of that, it still took three more visits before they fixed the problem.

I happen to be a big TV person. Anyone who knows me knows I have a huge TV fix to quell each week. I finally got a DVR because I got a roommate who is just as into TV as me, and it just seemed to make sense. Ever since we got the box, it has been nothing but grief.

Yes, Time Warner gave us a credit. Yes, some of the agents I've talked to have been very helpful. Some. But we pay a lot of money every month for this service. Is it so much to ask to send out competent, helpful people who actually fix the damn thing?

I am sick to death of this. I am furious over this.
We are currently looking for another provider of our digital TV and broadband. Until then? We'll be cursing Time Warner every time we turn on our TV.

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