Saturday, February 17, 2007

TV Guns

After watching many hours of tv with my roommate she has come up with the theory that I think men with guns are hot.
Jack Bauer - 24 (oh, Jack)

Kellerman & Agent Mahone - Prison Break (yeah, that's just Kellerman)

Jack, Sawyer & Sayid - Lost (being wet and shirtless helps!)
But I was like, no, I just think they have interesting characters...
Then I thought, I never thought Daniel Craig was sexy until he played James Bond (umm, gun...).
Well, last night she was proven right.
I was watching an episode of Angel, and there is a character, Wesley, who I always thought was attractive and smart, but not really hot, per se. Then, while fighting a demon (I know), he pulled out two guns and emptied them. And then, he pulled out a sawed-off shotgun, and I thought to myself.. That's Hot! I totally laughed right out loud. I guess she was right...
What kind of bleeding heart liberal am I?

Such a girl...

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