Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In General - the subway edition

Riding the train to work every morning is not my idea of fun. I had the joy of working nights the first eight years or so I lived in this city, so I avoided the nightmare of the morning and evening commute. After a year or so of riding the rails at peak hours, some of my observations...

Most of the time, when a pregnant woman gets on the train, it's a woman who offers her a seat. I don't know when men stopped offering, but I find it a little shitty. At least The Sisterhood is stepping up.

Nothing will stop a person, man or woman, from getting a seat if they really really want one. I have seen people literally crawl over others to get their asses some seat time.

Nothing makes me more angry than the person who refuses to hold on to anything while standing on the train. They usually have a bag of some sort in one hand, and coffee in the other, and stand with their legs wide apart, as if this will keep them steady. Then they proceed to bump and crash into everyone around them as the train stops and starts, and careens around corners. One moring I was so angry at a guy who was participating in this ridiculousness, I had to get off at the next stop so I wouldn't punch him in the face, and then put my hands around his arrogant neck on his way down to the floor.
The next train, a few short minutes later, was blessedly free of any such person.

The other morning I saw this woman wearing flip-flops. She had the second toe longer than the big toe affliction. Something I struggle with myself. But, the right longer second toe was disturbingly longer than the left longer toe. Creepily uneven, and I was fascinated for the extent of our shared ride. I wished at that moment that I had upgraded to a camera phone.

Turns out the F train is just as evil, if not more so, in the morning than in the afternoon/evenings. And why, oh why, has the MTA not figured out that we are crying out for an express train on this line? If the V runs local in Queens, while the F runs express, can't we get the V to run express while the F runs local in Brooklyn? Oh well, at least I'm not trapped on the G train.

One day, on a hot and stalled ride into Manhattan, I started to get all clammy and sweaty. I was sure i was going to pass out, and since there was no where to sit, and barely anywhere to fall, I squatted down and put my head between my knees. After less than a minute, some nice fellow commuter tapped me on the shoulder and offered me their seat. I would love to tell you something about this person, anything, but he/she is just a blur to me. My sweaty, clammy self was beyond grateful for the kindness, and I will always remember that there are nice people in this city, especially when you need them the most.

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