Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's Finally Here!

After weeks and months of chomping at the bit, I finally got to vote today! Any of you who have even glanced at this blog know who I voted for, but today, that is beside the point (mostly). Because today, there was voting!

I have been voting at my polling place for over eleven years, and I have never seen anything like what I saw today. I went at 11:30, right before lunch, and there were lines and crowds all over the place. And my fellow neighbors were pretty cheery about the whole thing (the bake sale out front may have helped with that. I bought a brownie!).

After voting, and running some errands in my neighborhood, I stopped at the local liquor store to get a bottle of wine for the election party I am going to. The guy behind the counter told me it was the busiest Tuesday he had ever seen. We both figured there would be a lot of celebrating this evening. The woman in front of me was buying bottles of champagne. I happen to live in an extremely blue neighborhood in very blue city in solidly blue state, so there is much hope here.

Even though it looks good for my guy to win, I am actually really and truly impressed in the amount of Americans voting this election. I was raised to believe that voting was important, and I hope that we now have a whole new group of people, young and old, who feel like their voices do matter. That maybe, we can have a say in how and where our government takes us. I am an optimist at heart, so I can't help myself.

So, I hope all of you get out there and vote. And keep voting in years to come. Okay, I can't help myself, I gotta post this pic! Looks like fun!

UPDATE! 1:14am November 4th, 2008: Hooray!! President Barack Obama, our 44th President of the United States of America. I am thrilled.

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Beth said...

Congrats Erika, I know it was a happy night for you last night. :)

I wish my voting place had a bake sale, that was a fantastic idea. Everything goes better with brownies, even politics!