Saturday, October 27, 2007

Digg For Jericho

One of my fellow Jericho fans has designated Sunday, October 28th as Digg Day for Jericho. What's a Digg? Glad you asked. Digg is a website that posts articles from blogs all over the web. You may have seen the 'Digg' icons on some of your favorite sites. It takes you to the site where you can click and add your Digg. The sites with the most Diggs get put up on the sites top ten articles and get more exposure. You can search for top articles in different categories, or see what's new on the front page. During the Nuts for Jericho campaign, blog posts got hundreds of Diggs, helping keep the story in the forefront of the news. Now, we would like to make a little noise about how we feel about CBS' handling of the DVD release and when we will get to see the new seven episodes. More on Digg here or here

Digg-ing is easy and can be fun. You do need to register, like just about everything online these days, but they will never spam you. It's kind of a power to the people site. If you want to join in the fun, here is the link to the Digg sites.

So, what is going on in the world of Jericho? Beats me. CBS and Nina Tassler told the fans they needed to get more people to watch the show when it came back, a task that we have been happy to take on. BUT. And this is a BIG BUT. We do feel like a multi-million dollar corporation like CBS has much more to do themselves. They had an opportunity to made a big noise when the DVDs were released. I only saw a little side banner ad in my Entertainment Weekly. It was a whisper, when it could have been a boom. They have a whole network at their disposal. Hell, even the Sci Fi network had an exclusive online video interviewing cast members and producers at the DVD release party. THE SCI FI NETWORK! Maybe they should take the show.

As most of you know, I am also a huge fan of 24. They do not debut until January 13th. You know what FOX just did? They had a world wide tah-da, debuting the trailer for the seventh season this past Wednesday. They put it up on the jumbotron in Times Square! Now, I know that 24 is a huge, moneymaking extravaganza for FOX, but Jericho is hopefully due to debut in January. All the episodes have been shot. CBS could totally make a big noise, starting right now, and ramp up the excitement, feeding off the good will they got from the successful fan campaign. But we still don't even know when the show will be back on the air. How are we supposed to drum up viewers when we can't even tell them when to tune in?

The other potential stick in the plan is the looming writer's strike. CBS had said that as soon as one of their new shows tanked, Jericho was first in line to replace it. But when Viva Laughlin bit it after two episodes, they announced The Amazing Race would take it's place. Being a fan of that show, I am fine with that decision. It will run into the holiday season, and putting a show with many Emmy's and an established fan base is the smart move. Some have speculated that CBS will hold Jericho if the strike happens, and will be one of the few networks that has new, scripted shows to debut. 24 is debuting in January, Lost is debuting in February. There is still time to get us all a-buzz over Jericho. I hope that CBS doesn't drop the ball on this. There is only so much we can do.

Here's the video they showed at Comic-Con to thank the fans. Please enjoy! For The Fans

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GirlFran said...

I thought Jericho was coming back in November. Dang it.
The CBS thing baffles me as well. There has been zero buzz about it.