Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well, Hello Ladies...

Let me start this off by saying this is all conjecture. I don't have any hard stats on any of this.

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I am suprized by all the female fans of Jericho. Hm, maybe suprized is not the right word. Let's go back.

I am suprized by all the female fans of 24. Hey, this is a show that is marketed towards men in that juicy 18-49 year old demo. There is lots of fighting and blowing stuff up and driving around in big cars and shooting bad guys. But most of my female friends love 24. I mean, when you mention 24, their eyes get dilated and you can see them get all excited. I have had this experience with all fans of 24, they can't wait to talk about how much they love (or, in some cases after season 6, how much they are disappointed by) the show. At first, with the Ladies, I thought it was the hotness factor. 24 is never short on men that are easy on the eye. But once you get past the 'Kiefer is so my TV boyfriend' conversation, these Ladies are real and actual fans of The Show. My favorite TV related internet site has just as many women, if not more women than men, posting on the 24 forums. I found this curious, but never really thought about it much.

Then came Jericho. And then went Jericho. And then came the Save Jericho campaign. I met a lot of wonderful fans on the Jericho message boards that have popped up on the Interwebs (man, I wish I knew who first used this word, I love it), and it slowly dawned on me that most of the people I had gotten to know were women. So now, I started to wonder if this is maybe just an internet thing. Maybe women are just more likely to post on the internet message boards, being the chatty, social creatures that we are. But then CBS started running the reruns of Jericho on Friday nights, and I took notice of the commercials running during the show (yes, I am watching the re-runs; does this suprize any of you?). Among the expected ads for cars and electronics, there were ads for make-up and kitchen-related stuff that was clearly meant for the Ladies of the household. Veerrry interesting. Because while Jericho isn't as obviously an action-adventure type show as 24, it is still very male skewed in a traditional, stereotypical sense. Apparently I am not the only one who noticed the large female fan base, and female appeal of the show (lovely looking actors, once again, not being the only reason to tune in).

Obviously, 24 is not on the air right now (and who knows if it will ever make it back hearing about all those stops and starts of production), so I can't look in on their ads. I seem to recall the shows being heavy on Big Freakin' Car ads, though.

Anyway, I find all of this very interesting. After spending years deflecting odd looks when I confessed to liking action movies and being accused of being a Sci-Fi nerd because I've seen Star Wars a bajillion times and own at least four versions of the trilogy, looks like I am not a 'weird girl' after all. Looks like I have lots of female counterparts out there who like the rough and tumble stuff just as much as the boys. So maaaaybe, just maybe, we are all slowly inching away from the stereotypes and assumptions that we all have.

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GirlFran said...

I am proud to be counted among those Blow Em Up lovin' women.

great shot of Chloe.


AmyV said...

I have always loved movies with high body counts, so long as there's intelligent dialogue to go along with it. And even sometimes without.